About Nicole Labbe:

Born in Montreal, Nicole has always been passionate about human relations and communications.  She worked for a large pharmaceutical company for 25 years, where she held several sales and marketing positions, including extensive experience as a team manager in a changing environment.

Through 7 different reorganizations involving job cuts and organizational changes, she experienced uncertainty and – the day following each reorganization – repeatedly found herself with a new team that she had to get to know and motivate.

She well understands the impact of reorganizations on employees at all levels of a business.

She is now retired and has embraced her new career as a consultant and speaker on how to overcome the challenges of “surviving” a reorg at work.

About Christine Strobele

From Sudbury, Ontario, Christine has enjoyed a career spanning over 30 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

She has witnessed significant industry changes and has been swept up in many reorganizations.  Often, she became responsible for damage control for the fractured team left behind.

From these experiences, Christine has developed a keen interest in “survivor syndrome” and acknowledges it can have lasting effects.

For others going through similar situations, she wants to offer early intervention advice to recognize, address and overcome these feelings.

Writing this book created the opportunity to share some practical and simple solutions that helped her find renewed enjoyment at work.