Every person at some point in their career will be part of a reorganization at their workplace.

Workplace reorganization affects everyone – management and employees, individually and collectively, as well as their families.

The winners of the reorganization lottery are not necessarily those who keep their jobs!

We are offering a practical guide on how to manage yourself or your team through turbulent times at work.

This book is intended for all types of employees including managers who want to prepare to overcome the challenges of a reorganization at work, and all other employees who want to learn about how survivor syndrome could affect them.

Our approach is practical and concrete examples are provided.

The writing of this book was motivated by our professional expertise borne out of personal experience, our curiosity to learn and conduct in-depth inquiry and, above all, to fulfill the expressed need by employees and managers for help through these stressful and disruptive times at work.

Putting the strategies that we have set forth in this book in to action will enable both employees and managers to successfully navigate turbulent times, and create productive and rewarding work environments for everyone once again.

Don’t just survive, thrive through the change.

We’re Having a REORG – Now What?

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